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About Captive Aquatics

Captive Aquatics is Houston's only upscale freshwater, saltwater, and reef aquarium design company. We specialize in installing only high end, fully computer controlled, hand made aquarium systems suitable for upscale locales. The systems we install are as ecologically sound as we can make them: from LED lighting to providing tank raised fish and aqua-cultured coral to our clients, we're biologists by training, and care deeply about ecology and the environment.

Our staff is a small group of marine biologists and an engineer that are passionate about providing upscale aquarium design, installation, and service to Houston, The Woodlands, and worldwide, and take great pride in the aquariums we install. We believe our love for building beautiful ecosystems shows itself in our work, and we greatly enjoy installing unique aquariums for our clients! We install only ecologically and environmentally friendly aquariums - from 100% captive raised fish to super-efficient lighting and pumps, our aquarium designs have the greenest footprint available!

The staff at Captive Aquatics have over twenty years' combined experience in the field of aquariums and aquatic systems of all sizes. Experience is what sets us apart: anyone can read a book about aquarium keeping, or buy a few animals and hope for the best, but we have vast amounts of experience to draw upon. We use our knowledge and experience to professionally install clean, beautiful aquariums, designed specifically to your desires. Both of our biologists are internationally published and recognized authorities in the fied of aquarium and aquatic science.

We're very conscientious in our approach to the aquariums we install. As hobbyists ourselves, we care for the aquatic life that we maintain and want to see it prosper, so that you may admire the beauty that is a properly setup and maintained aquarium system. We want the best for you and your aquatic life!


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service overview

  • No job is too large!
  • From a 1,000 shark aquarium for your home or a 10,000 gallon exhibit, we can make it happen!
  • Trust us
  • With over twenty years of combined experience, we are the experts you need to realize your vision.