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Houston Aquarium Installation & Design

Captive Aquatics offers many Houston aquarium services, including custom aquarium design, aquarium service, and aquarium installation in Houston. We believe that your vision of an aquarium or aquatic ecosystem should become a reality, without the headaches, hassles, in a professional manner suitable for your medical center office or River Oaks home!

Have you always wanted a picturesque view of the Amazon in your Houston corporate office? We specialize in both custom and standard aquarium design and installation for bussiness in the Houston and surrounding areas! How impressive would majestic saltwater fish cruising by your own coral reef in your waiting or board room be? Captive Aquatics Houston Aquarium Design and Service can make it happen! Trust our marine biologists and their decades of experience to install the picture-perfect aquarium in your Houston home, business, or office that will impress customers, clients, and the kids!

We know that you work hard to attract and keep your customers, and what better way to accomplish this than by displaying a stunning masterpiece of nature to attract attention? You'd better believe that a beautifully installed and maintained aquarium at your company will make your business stand out in the minds of your customers! We now offer standard and custom tanks that are guaranteed leak free and shatterproof and are lifetime warranted, so there's nothing to worry about, and we can customize all furniture, colors, and wood stains to match your existing color scheme and decor!

Call us for a free on-site consultation and let our professional aquarium design and installation experts help you plan your centerpiece today!

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