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Aquarium Consultation

Captive Aquatics is available to provide personal, one-on-one aquarium & aquatic systems consultation and help, internationally! With over fifteen years of experience in the ornamental aquatics field, our expert advice will steer your aquatic endeavor towards success, anywhere in the world.

Whether you are a personal enthusiast wishing for a picturesque, living aquatic environment in your living room or need a holding system for collection, breeding, or research, our expert consultation will put you on the path to successful aquatic environment. Educational facilities, Zoos, Hatcheries, Aquatic Holding Facilities, Corporate Offices, Hotels, Venues, Restaurants, and more welcome!


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  • Need a problem solved?
  • Captive Aquatics can give you the answer to your aquatic ecosystem issues today.
  • Large facility?
  • Captive Aquatics staff have experience with systems ranging from 1-10,000 gallons!