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Houston Aquarium Installation, Design, Service, and Consulting

Aquarium installation, design, and service in Houston and The Woodlands: Captive Aquatics™
is your one stop source for aquarium design, aquarium service, and aquarium installation in residential, business, and scientific locations. Our marine biologists have over twenty years of combined experience creating, maintaining, and caring for a myriad of saltwater, freshwater, coral reef, and planted aquariums.

Captive Aquatics installs breathtaking freshwater and saltwater aquariums. Quotes begin at $5,000 for freshwater and $10,000 for saltwater.

Our aqurium design in Houston and The Woodlands is unmatched.
We pride ourselves in installing top quality, custom and designer aquariums that can be made to match any decor in any shape or size. These aren't the aquariums you see in your local pet store: our aquariums are custom made works of art that are individually hand crafted in Italy by artisans, suitable for upscale homes and businesses everywhere! The New York Times article about high-end custom aquariums refers to them as "incredibly relaxing, a must see!". No other aquarium service in Houston specializes in installing high end designer aquariums in upscale locations!

Stand out! The aquariums we install are beautiful focal points, and draw attention no matter where they are. What could be more captivating than a clownfish nestled inside the tentacles of an anemone in your own home reef aquarium, or a view of the Amazon in your office? Make your business unique in the minds of your customers, or elicit a gasp from visitors with an ocean in your living room!

Eco-friendly! We are the only aquarium design company to offer 100% captive raised fish, coral, and other invertebrates, as well as advanced and extremely efficient LED lighting. We care very much about the health of our oceans and planet!

Contact us! Call us now at for any aquarium design, service, and installation question or project. We offer free on-site consultation (with lots of pictures!) and free quotes. Not in Houston? No problem, we install aquariums worldwide!

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  • What do YOU want?
  • From a slice of the amazon, clownfish & anemones, or a shark in your room, no job is too large or small!
  • Did you know?
  • Aquariums have been proven to reduce stress in the home and workplace.